About Me

Devin Nash’s Studies in Self Mastery is a community dedicated to inspiring breakthroughs in the personal development of all beings.


Do you imagine a better life for yourself? For your family? For the world? Do you believe there is more for you to accomplish? Do you want practical, actionable ways you can make that happen and a community beside you to support them? Then welcome home, this community is for you.


We think everyone has a dream to do something exceptional and to make a difference. But from an early age we’re taught that there are things we can’t do. As we grow we start to unconsciously own self-limiting beliefs that keep us from our potential. If left unchecked, these self-limiting beliefs control our destiny and the one chance at life we have.


Life is about unraveling self-limiting beliefs so that you can become the greatest you can be.


These are some of the areas we focus on to develop people:


  1. Peak Performance: Helping you reach the focal point of productivity in your peak physical, mental, and spiritual state.
  2. Incremental Self-Improvement: Achieving incredible results through small but consistent daily activities.
  3. Self-Awareness: Creating space to take control of your life and your decisions.
  4. Eliminating Grey Zones: Becoming clear about how time comes and goes, and how to clearly define objectives.
  5. Physical Fitness: The core belief that self-improvement begins with body conditioning. We cultivate physical fitness as a means of supporting all other areas of life.
  6. Financial Awareness: Understanding smart financial practices as a means of allowing you to choose your life. Finances are a path to freedom and living the life you want. We cultivate good financial principles as a means of allowing choice and removing worry.


These six foundations will form three pillars to uphold your life:


  • The Pillar of Physical Conditioning
  • The Pillar of Mental Awareness
  • The Pillar of Financial Intelligence



Together these pillars will form the foundation of a life without limitations.


If you’re ready to begin the journey, start on the Forums section of the website.  

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